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 Department of Economics, Society, and Politics

University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy

June 8-9, 2023

Call for Papers

The Department of Economics, Society, and Politics (DESP) of the University of Urbino Carlo Bo welcomes paper submissions for the International Conference on Financial Fragility and Financial Education of Households and Firms to be held in Urbino on June 8-9, 2023.

This conference follows previous conferences and workshops organized in Urbino on small-business economics and policies.

The shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, the high inflation rates, and the political instability around the world created unprecedented economic challenges for many countries with implications for economic activity, productivity, consumption, and investment, as well as the functioning of financial systems, markets, and industries. While the expansionary policies undertaken in response to the pandemic might have avoided some adverse economic consequences in the short run, they might have increased the indebtedness of firms, default risks, and financial instability in the medium and long run. These consequences might also vary across markets, sectors, and firms. For households, the economic consequences and the effects of various policies might also depend on their financial fragility, income, wealth, and financial education. Indeed, the pandemic has exacerbated household indebtedness, which is a multifaceted concept affected by household type, characteristics, and a mix of potential risk factors. Analyzing the dynamics of financial fragility and the role of financial education of households and firms has implications for various social and economic stability issues. The scientific committee of the Conference is pleased to extend an invitation to submit competitively reviewed abstracts of papers that aim to explore questions related to financial fragility and financial education, such as:

  • determinants of financial fragility of firms and households
  • interactions among effects of financial education and shocks on household and firm financial fragility
  • importance of financial education for firms and households
  • role of institutions in shaping appropriate policies for household financial education

The organizers welcome theoretical and empirical papers focused on the role of financial education of households and firms in the new economic environment shaped by recent shocks. Papers about policies related to financial education in Europe and the U.S. are of particular interest. Papers that use the novel data on financial literacy and resilience, collected by the Italian Financial Education Committee in collaboration with Doxa, are welcome. Invited keynote speakers are Annalisa Ferrando (European Central Bank), and Annamaria Lusardi (Director of the Italian Financial Education Committee and George Washington University School of Business)   


Extended Abstracts (3-5 pages) should be submitted to Prof. Germana Giombini, Program Coordinator: by March 31th, 2023.

Please include JEL classification codes for the paper, as well as keywords. Complete papers may be submitted, but the extended abstract is required.

The conference is open to both presenters and non-presenters. Registration is required, there is no participation fee.


Submission deadline:                   March 31, 2023

Acceptance decision:                   April 14, 2023

Registration (required) by:          April 28, 2023

Conference dates:                        June 8-9, 2023


Selected authors will be invited to submit completed papers for consideration for publication in a Special Issue of the Italian Economic Journal (ItEJ) (Guest editors: Giorgio Calcagnini, Riccardo De Bonis, Germana Giombini) and a Special Session of the Journal of Industrial and Business Economics (JIBE) (Guest editors: Alexander Borisov, Federico Favaretto, Germana Giombini).

Scientific committee:

Alexander Borisov, University of Cincinnati

Giorgio Calcagnini, University of Urbino Carlo Bo

Rebel Cole, Florida Atlantic University

Riccardo De Bonis, Bank of Italy

Germana Giombini, University of Urbino Carlo Bo

Edgar Sanchez Carrera, University of Urbino Carlo Bo

Elmer Sterken, Groningen University

Giuseppe Travaglini, University of Urbino Carlo Bo

Organizing committee:

Andrea Bacchiocchi, University of Urbino Carlo Bo

Alessandro Bellocchi, University of Urbino Carlo Bo

Federico Favaretto, University of Urbino Carlo Bo

Germana Giombini, University of Urbino Carlo Bo

Francesco Vidoli, University of Urbino Carlo Bo